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Entrepreneur, Marketer, Mental Health Advocate, Best-selling author, Business speaker, Inspirational speaker and Conference MC

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Nick Bowditch is a successful (and unsuccessful) entrepreneur, a storyteller, a marketer, an addict, a mental health advocate, a sexual abuse victim, and someone who lives with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He is also a survivor.

He is both a business and inspirational speaker.

As the only person in Southern Hemisphere to have worked at both Facebook and Twitter and the only person in the world to have worked at both brands in their marketing departments, he is also a thought leader in using social media as a storytelling tool for businesses.

As an author of the best-selling book �Reboot Your Thinking�, Nick encourages people to be the very best versions of themselves, to find their resilience, authentic self, true voice, and to share with people the importance of kindness and compassion in their business and personal lives.

Nick has authored two books, �Reboot Your Thinking� and his latest book �Actually, it�s all about me�.

Nick�s current speaking topics:

�How to build a winning online and social media strategy�

The world is changing fast. In a world where every single day we produce more content than from the beginning of time to 2003, and where 1 in 5 things that will be typed into Google today have never been typed into Google before, you could be forgiven for needing a bit of guidance for your online and social media strategy. This presentation is mind-blowing, challenging and fun.

�My Mental Illness is a gift�

This was Nick�s TEDx talk where he talked about the things that make him different mentally (depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction) are the very same things that make him who he is. He has run away from and hidden these things his whole life, but now Nick chooses to embrace them. In this presentation, he talks about how these things (that some people would label character flaws of defects,) are his superpowers. This is an empowering and challenging presentation.

The art of telling your personal and organisation�s business story

Storytelling is the single most effective business asset a person can have. This presentation details how we as humans have evolved in telling our stories. From Nick�s proud heritage of Aboriginal Australians and the Dreamtime stories, right through to stories now being told at scale to the masses on Facebook. How well YOU tell your story and the story of your brand can make all the difference to the future success of you and your organisation.

Nick as an MC

One of the hardest things about putting a conference, seminar, or event together, is finding the right person to bring all the moving parts together and make it seamless, professional, and entertaining, without having to make the event all about them.

Secure the services of an MC that is approachable, relatable and engaging. Someone who understands it�s your event, can keep things moving without sounding rushed. Someone with experience in holding the attention of audiences for a living. Nick has hosted big conferences, smaller boutique events, seminars, symposiums, sporting events like boxing nights and sporting franchise home game days, and he would love to help make your big event run smoothly too.