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In 2014, Gabbie Stroud was a dedicated teacher with over a decade of experience. Months later, she resigned in frustration and despair when she realised that the NAPLAN-test education model was stopping her from doing the very thing she was best at: teaching individual children according to their needs and talents. In February 2016, Gabbie�s ground-breaking essay 'Teaching Australia' was published in Griffith Review�s Edition 51: Fixing The System. Links to the essay went �viral� on social media and the essay was viewed 24000 times within the first two weeks of publication. The essay was shortlisted for a Walkley Award and provoked a huge response from teachers around the world.

In June 2018, Gabbie went on to publish her memoir. Teacher � One Woman�s Struggle To Keep The Heart In Teaching brings readers into the classroom, allowing them to experience and understand the challenges that teachers face every day. It tells the full story of what it means to be a teacher: what makes a great teacher, and what our children need from their teachers. It tells the story of Gabbie�s clear gift for teaching and what it was that finally broke her. Powerful and moving, Teacher cuts to the heart of a vital matter of national importance and has lifted the lid on a scandal - that our education system is failing our children and destroying their teachers.

Gabbie Stroud is a passionate advocate for teachers and for change in Australia�s education system. She has been a guest on The Drum, Conversations with Richard Fidler, Studio 10, Sunrise, Sixty Minutes and Q&A. Gabbie is currently working on her next book, tentatively titled A Letter to the Parents of Australia and due out in August 2019.

Gabbie Stroud is a natural teacher and gifted story teller. She speaks with genuine passion and humorous candour that immediately endears her to the audience, enabling her to take them on a journey through new understandings, challenging questions and unique insights. Gabbie is able to tailor her presentations to suit the client and event focus.

Demoralised but not Defeated is the common thread woven through Gabbie�s presentations that focus predominantly on themes of education, teaching and learning. Gabbie cuts through the platitudes and statistics to show us how our current systems are falling short. She shines light on the beauty and complexity of learning and teaching while challenging the imposition of business models, standardisation and high stakes testing. With genuine care, Gabbie explores the feelings of demoralisation teachers and students are currently experiencing, empowering audiences with new language and frameworks within which they can contextualise their own experiences. A self-confessed optimist, Gabbie leaves audiences with messages of encouragement, hope and practical pathways forward.

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