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The Welcome Choir is on a mission to encourage the participation and enjoyment of singing for people of all levels. They bring fun, uplifting, turn-up-and-sing choirs to your workplace, conference or event.

How better to connect, unwind and de-stress. Welcome Choir programs are flexible and can be structured to fit your event needs.

Just imagine your workforce united in song! Bonding, communicating, breaking barriers, creating a sense of group identity and a knock-on effect that will show up on your bottom line, not to mention the other benefits to your business and people. It's all about making your people happy.

Programs range from a stand- alone, two hour workshops and programs that can be tailored to support companies achieve their individual team building and employee wellness goals.

Recent bookings include: Optus, Westpac and Caesarstone.

Best of all The Welcome Choir will reinvest profits from these programs back into the community by offering free Choir workshops to groups experiencing social isolation.

Book Welcome Choir for a one off workshop or create a 6 - 10 week residency that see employees come together to participate in and build their own choir.

Welcome Choir is a unique way to open or close a conference on a high. Participants regularly report back on the excitement, the collective mood lift and energy buzz.

How the Welcome Choir will help you:

- Boost employee focus and performance
- Create a positive atmosphere
- Motivate, uplift and inspire
- Build teams and encourage staff bonding
- Reduce stress related sick leave
- Increase public speaking and presentation skills

The Welcome Choir promise is that participants will leave with a smile on their face and a spring in their step!