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Belinda Teh is a 28 year old political campaigner and Voluntary Assisted Dying advocate. From a young age, she found herself in leadership roles and developed a distinctive communication style that goes to the heart of what makes us human. While still a student, she experimented endlessly with digital marketing and social media, launching successful fundraising and awareness campaigns for causes in the community she was passionate about.

Eight days after completing her law degree at the University of Western Australia, Belinda�s mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, and Belinda became her full-time carer at age 23.

After watching her mother die a prolonged and agonising death despite optimal palliative care, Belinda appeared before the Joint Select Committee of the WA Parliamentary Inquiry into End of Life Choices and gave evidence of the needless suffering she had witnessed. Between May and August 2019, she walked from Melbourne to Perth holding a white rose in honour of her mum�s bravery, and to raise awareness for the need for Voluntary Assisted Dying in Australia.

The story of her mother�s suffering and her message that it�s okay to ask for help reached millions and galvanised community engagement that was crucial to the success of the WA campaign to legalise Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Belinda is based in Fremantle, WA but continues to travel around the country advocating for better end of life choices for all Australians and speaking about leadership, authenticity and living life with purpose.