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Imagine flying a helicopter in a war zone with 18 peoples� lives in your hands.

Suddenly, the enemy opens fire on you. How do you maintain both your and your team�s focus? How do you continue to make optimal decisions, minimise the disruption and effectively complete the mission? And how do you motivate your team to face this threat day after day?

Kate has extensive experience leading both herself and her team through all sorts of challenges, often as the only female amongst her team and peers. From life-or-death moments being fired upon in Afghanistan while a helicopter pilot for 17 years, to the challenges of confined life on-board a Navy ship - Kate understands better than most the everyday pressures of a busy, reactive workplace.

Effective leadership combined with individual resilience and a positive mindset can overcome any moment of adversity, big or small and keep your team operating effectively though any challenge. Kate�s experience will enhance your team�s ability to remain focused and effective as you and your team tackle challenges big and small.
The principles Kate used to overcome the personal and professional challenges of life in the military are principles she continues to use throughout her professional and personal life. These principles can be scaled for any situation and are an instant go to when things don�t go to plan.

And Kate shares them with you throughout her interesting, inspiring, sometimes humorous, sometimes
frightening in-person, online and hybrid keynote.

Her speaking clients include Amazon Web Services, SAP, Spotify and more. From a small intimate audience to a
crowd of hundreds, Kate will captivate and connect with each and every one, leaving them with a lasting memory of just what they are capable of achieving with the right mindset.