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A world-class speaker with hundreds of reviews attesting to his life-changing insights, ranking him 4.9/5.0 (as Boo says, no one's perfect!), one of the world's most impactful and results-oriented speakers.

Boo walks the talk, and organisations such as McDonalds, Zurich, Pfizer, Microsoft, Specsavers and Woolworths are a few of the global leaders who've experienced immediate and dramatic ongoing performance leaps thanks to his secrets to creating a "Deep Performance Mindset".

His Deep Performance Mindset replaces the outdated, expensive, resource-intensive and unsustainable 'high performance' mindset that consistently fails to deliver its lofty expectations in business.

Why is Boo the authority on inclusive and sustainable performance? It's in his DNA. Fulfilling his boyhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot at the age of 21, he transitioned into business after the diagnosis of a crippling auto-immune disease 10 years later.

He's reinvented himself numerous times by transforming the ways of thinking and working he acquired as a fighter pilot to build a humanitarian business turning over in excess of $200 million, followed by developing a record-setting $42 million high-rise hotel, transformed an iconic published business into a digital publishing powerhouse and now works with iconic brands and people to implement the methods that drive habitual success.

Authoritative and entertaining, Boo will equip you, your leaders, and your teams with a simple four-step process, which paves a new way of thinking and working together, empowering you to surpass expectations consistently.

His unique performance mindset is fuelled by a deep curiosity around what makes us tick as human beings, the one thing we all have in common irrespective of gender, race, colour or creed. Boo connects us with our human performance strengths and limitations and navigates you towards the skills needed to evolve, at a deeply personal level. Forever.