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The Drum Circle Events is an interactive corporate drumming company that has changed the face of corporate team building. They will provide each person with a drum, teach them how to play and how to listen to one another. Within 15 minutes the company will be making music.

Workshops include:

* Team Building
* Opening and Closing of Conferences
* Stress Release
* Launches
* Conflict Resolution
*Office and Christmas Parties

The Drum Cafe was the name of a casual little shop with a quaint restaurant and a small stage in Johannesburg.

The Drum Cafe then opened its doors in Cape Town. People flocked from all over South Africa to see the new attraction and be inspired by a new type of performer.

Drums were sold, repaired and traded, coffee was consumed, great ideas were discussed and what began as an enthusiastic idea evolved into a reality. This exciting venue has become one of the Mother City's major attractions. It also has the distinction of playing host to the largest regular drum circle in the world.

At a Drum Circle Event evening, the CEO of BMW was having a night out and after experiencing the effect of the drum circle, he asked for them to come to his company and show his team how to make music together. This began the growth of The Drum Circle Event team building experiences. They created a structure, and eight years along are still drumming with many other corporate companies, and now have offices throughout South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

This Client list continues to grow and is evidence that the events provide enlightening, meaningful, moving and unique experiences that are both powerful and energizing. Today The Drum Circle Event has become synonymous with interactive drumming, and allows participants to reap the benefits of modern day drumming. Bringing specialized corporate facilitators, performers and enough drums for everyone present the Drum Circle Event facilitates and creates an environment in which even the most rhythmically challenged will be able to find and follow the beat.

The Drum Circle has truly mastered the art of turning large groups into an orchestra within minutes. The Drum Circle Event has facilitated groups of up to 20 000 people breaking a world record for some of the top companies in the world. Drum Circle Events has played for HRH Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela, US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as well as many high profile company CEOs and leaders. Our expertise is getting any group to let go, bond, have fun and enjoy the benefit of this unique learning experience.

Synchronised interactive drumming is being used effectively in the corporate environment for stress release, group bonding, team building, synchronising of thought processes and breaking down of barriers.

Enabling people to unite, to focus, to celebrate together, The Drum Circle Event experience is always remembered vividly as rewarding, unifying and exhilarating.