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Climate Tech Activator and Investor

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Mick Liubinskas is a climate tech investor and advisor. He co-founded Climate Salad to help build climate-focused startups and help the world get to and beyond net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. He has helped build 100's of tech companies as a co-founder and with Pollenizer, Startmate, muru-D, Austrade, Stanford dSchool, Berkley Activate and Singularity University Sustainability Program.

Climate Tech

Mick is currently completing a Masters of Sustainability at Macquarie University.

Kapture - decarbonising the worlds 83 million diesel generators.
Ripe Robotics - using computer vision, AI and robotics to reduce the billions of dollars of food wasted at farms each year.

Cecil Earth - unlocking the carbon value of millions of hectares of nature
EnergyLab - climate and clean technology-focused accelerator
Via Angelist syndicates - Terra.do, Phoenix Hydrogen, Akua, Spira, Elio, Tynt, Alga Biosciences.


He programmed his Commodore 64 at age 8, sold computer networks at age 17, raised capital for a business at 22 and ran marketing globally for Kazaa at 26.

For the past 18 years he has co-founded 4 technology startup companies, including three years in San Francisco. This has included evaluating 1,000's of ideas, building first products, getting first customers, launching globally, raising capital, closing businesses, selling businesses and all the emotional rollercoaster rides in between.

He wrote a novel to inspire teenage girls into the world of STEM, called She's Building A Robot. It is accompanied by a series of interviews with women with careers in robotics, technology, science and maths.

Some other notable contributions:

Pollenizer (co-founder) started 25 companies.
Startmate (co-founding investor and mentor).
Spreets (advisor and investor) sold to Yahoo for ~$40m in 13 months.
muru-D (co-founder) which was Telstra's tech accelerator which invested in 200 businesses across Australia and South East Asia
Wooboard (co-founder) (ASX: WOO)

Mick is known as Mr Focus due to his strong drive for starting small and fast, doing fast testing on the road to success and avoiding entrepreneurial distractions. He, Phil and the team from Pollenizer wrote a workbook called Startup Focus which sold 5,000 copies.

He also loves being a dad, surfing, playing football (the round ball variety) and singing bad karaoke.