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Alex Wadelton (co-author of The Right-brain Workout series of books with Russel Howcroft) holds the official Guinness World Record for longest duration touching tongue to nose. He�s also:

- danced a marathon in his living room during the world�s longest COVID lockdown.
- Plucked his hair out for charity.
- Convinced Tommy Little to become an Instagram model.
- Launched the Big Bash League.
- Won more than a hundred international advertising awards.
- Helped convince Australian supermarkets to stop their
short-term plastic promotions.
- Got a statue made of the iconic stance against racism by
Nicky Winmar with the AFL.
- Won �The Pitch� on ABCTV�s Gruen.
- Appeared on The Project five times.
- Raised over 2 million dollars for charity in his spare time.
- Been described as �one of the world�s best-paid advertising
engineers� on a Hungarian website.
- Been labelled �an obvious nut job liberal� on the front page of
The Daily Mirror UK website.

All because of his consistent use of the �c� word: creativity.

Following 20 years in advertising, Alex started listening to the ideas in his mind and found they lead to purpose, collaboration and a whole lot of fun ... even when pursuing serious goal.

Alex delivers keynote presentations and workshops and draws audiences into Right-brain workouts.