Speakers Profile - Mark Dobson

A Candid Path to High Performance

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It's easy to believe that others have easier paths to their goals. They don't. The game is "who can navigate through the obstacles".

Mark's mastery is taking "difficult conversations" and turning them into inspiring conversations that drive high performance.

This skill has been critical in guiding his world class clients through tricky, sensitive, and challenging discussions before achieving medals at 3 Olympics, 2 Winter X Games, multiple world championships, 7 World Records, closing billion-dollar sales, memorising the entire Yellow Pages and building AI businesses almost overnight. (And that's the short list.)

Mark's astute knowledge of business, leadership and practical performance skills means he can offer your audience the mindset they need, paired with a practical skill, to achieve their outcomes. As a result, what previously seemed impossible is now within reach.

Best of all, Mark's framework for these performance conversations is scalable! His approach is totally do-able by your audience. Actually, they will be energised by how much easier and faster his approach is.

Corporate clients (NAB, CBA, Nestle, Genlife, Specialized Bikes, Sektor, Energy Australia, Mosaic Private, Bega, FD Digital and SeizoTech) have all seen company-wide impact in accountability, synergy, morale, and results - without the drama.

"The thing that I love about Mark above all else, is that he's honest, and honest in the right way. His candour will challenge you, but it just won't leave a mark. Instead, it will spark changes that are absolutely necessary. I personally love working with him because honesty in relationship is critical to getting to the place you want to be."
Grant Hackett OAM - 36 Gold Medals, CEO Genlife.

Mark's keynotes will entertain and impress the most hardened of audiences. They are loaded with funny and extraordinary stories of brave conversations that lead to amazing results. And Mark's breadth of experience allows him to customise his keynote to what you need.