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"I could've taken the safe option, but I didn't want to be mediocre in a job I didn't love. I had to take a chance on myself"

Jane Lu is the visionary behind Showpo, the global fashion brand, capturing the heart of millions of customers globally.

In 2010, Jane faced numerous obstacles, including a mountain of debt, a failed business, and unemployment. Despite these challenges, Jane refused to let them get in the way of her dreams. She secretly quit her corporate job to start a business, and put on a suit everyday to pretend to her parents that she was still working as an accountant.

Fast forward thirteen years to today, and Jane's hard work has paid off. Showpo is known worldwide for its trendy and affordable clothing that has a set mission to empower women everywhere. Alongside this, Jane has launched her the Lazy Ceo's guide to starting & growing an online business online masterclass, The Lazy Ceo Podcast and is a part of the panel of Shark Tank Australia.

Jane had started out in the corporate world as an accountant, but realised the 9-5 cubicle life wasn't her jam. With her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, she quit, and started a business running pop-up stores selling products from emerging designers.

It eventually folded, leaving her jobless and broke (and her parents none the wiser). But she wasn't put off. A month later, she launched Showpo.

What started with a laptop and two shelves of clothing in her parents' garage in Sydney is now a global fashion force, offering thousands of trend-driven styles, from clothes to accessories, and shipping to more than 120 countries.

Jane's social media savvy also made Showpo a disrupter in the retail scene. A keen user herself, she leveraged platforms like Facebook before many others did. This strategy paid off, and then some. Today, Showpo has over three million followers globally across its social media platforms.

They love Showpo for its fun and inclusive mission statement: 'fashion for everyone'.

After more than a decade, Jane's social media handle, The Lazy CEO, still captures who she is. A fan of working smart, not hard, her ethos is one that Bill Gates once put well: "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."