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The times are changing faster than ever -- technologically, demographically, economically. Today, it is imperative that organisations and leaders observe the changes, understand the shifts and respond to the trends. Mark McCrindle is a TedX speaker and a social analyst with an international renown for tracking emerging issues, researching social trends and analysing customer segments.

A regular commentator for prominent media channels, Mark's understanding of the key social trends as well as his engaging communication style places him in high demand in the press, on radio and on various television shows.

His advisory firm counts amongst its clients more than 100 of Australia's largest companies and he is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to the boards and executive committees of some of Australia's leading organisations. His highly valued research and reports have developed his regard as an expert demographer, futurist and social commentator.

Mark brings a fresh approach to his research based boardroom briefings, executive workshops, strategy sessions and keynotes. Armed with the latest findings and presented in a customised and relevant way, Mark is an in-demand communicator.

Mark is the author of three new books on emerging trends and social change. The ABC of XYZ: Understanding the Global Generations published by UNSW Press, Word Up: A Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century published by Halstead Press and The Power of Good published by Hybrid Publishers.