Speakers Profile - Adam Thompson

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MusoMagic creator, Adam Thompson, is best known for his success with Australian rock band Chocolate Starfish. With three albums, four top-ten singles, gold and platinum record sales and an ARIA award for the band?s self-titled first album, Adam brings a wealth of experience to the program.

Adam has collaborated with many overseas songwriters and has released a solo album, Reconnected, which was written and recorded in Sweden.

In addition to songwriting and performing, Adam has appeared on several television network programs and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and facilitator at corporate gatherings.

Presentation Titles:
Awakening creative potential and the importance of creativity in the corporate workplace. Maintaining self-belief whilst navigating change in an ever-changing environment. Customer service and how to make every performance count under maximum public scrutiny. "Why Pick Me?"- How to stand out in a sea of multiple possibilities. How to achieve personal growth through constructive criticism. How to manifest ‘rock star‘ status - respect and admiration -in the work place whilst keeping your ego grounded. ‘No Room for a Bad Day‘ - ways to maintain the enthusiasm and energy of staff (paralleled with on-and-off-stage band relationships). ‘Necessity is the Mother of Re-invention.' Achieving after success and how to re-invent image and style to remain relevant in today‘s evolving marketplace.