Speakers Profile - Jennifer Jefferies

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Jennifer Jefferies, "Life Balancing Specilist" is an accomplished author, international business educator, naturopath and aromatherapist.

Jennifer is known for her dynamic, information filled presentations throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, Irian Jaya, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2004 Jennifer will present in China and the United Kingdom.

Her background includes over 14 years as an international professional speaker, and for the last 22 years she has owned or managed retail stores and clinics throughout Australia.

Her powerful message is of work, life and balance - A balanced life equals job satisfaction equals increased productivity and performance.

Jennifer has personally traveled the road to ill health and business burnout and back.

From at 17 being indoctrinated into the regimented work ethic of the Regular Army to managing a chain of pharmacies and progressing today being an internationally recognised professional speaker, living, working and enjoying a balanced life.

Jennifer's passion in life is informing people on ways that they too can integrate natural therapies into their work and personal lives to achieve the feeling that they are really LIVING and not just EXISTING.

Jennifer is an engaging, informative presenter with the ability to connect instantly with audiences and get her message across entertaingly and professionally.

She gives you the "nuts and bolts" of how to recognise your are off track and practical ways to rejoin the road to success. In the process Jennifer presents an enjoyable aromatic journey, which is sure to delight you, tease your noses and re-ignite your passion for life.

Presentation Titles:
Increasing Productivity by balancing life, Womens Health, Detoxifying Naturally, Calm Kids, Energetics of Aromatherapy Essential Oils, E-Scentual Woman, *Is available for full day workshops