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There are not many speakers in Australia who have the breadth of skills and experience as that of Glynn Nicholas -- a consummate performer he is in a class of his own and his keynote address is exceedingly funny, insightful and genuinely uplifting.

Nicholas is an entrepreneur who, when he was a busker used to perform outside the very West End Theatre where, 20 years later years later he would present one of his musicals to huge critical acclaim. He is the only Australian Producer to have the biggest-grossing production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the largest Arts market in the world) and his solo shows still hold box office records in many theatres around the country.

Busking, bankruptcy and Broadway paints the picture, but what makes this address so good is the way Glynn combines practical business advice with philosophical and psychological insights about what it is that gives our lives real value beyond making a buck and growing your business.

Favourite words "Flourishing -- Reconciliation and Paradox" signify themes that are explored with the lightest of touches but with powerful effect on people.
No power points -- just one man with an incredible array of performance abilities, an inspiring story and insights that audiences will find enlightening and challenging.

Leadership - Team building - Staying relevant -- Dealing with change -- The secrets men keep -- What to avoid when it all falls apart (and it will fall apart) -- How to keep a hard head soft heart - Why our affluence is making us miserable, fat and selfish.

"Nicholas is probably the most talented and original actor-comedians exploring the quick-sands of human relationships in Australian today. A man of a thousand faces and stances, a vernacular wizard... who can make you cry of laughter....an evening of nonstop hilarity... his performance is polished and thoroughly entertaining."


A popular choice for MC, Glynn is entertaining and keeps the audience constantly amused -- he's relaxed, charming and has vast experience with one-off events and 2 to 3-day conferences. He'll help keep the event on time and can act as convener when required. (Please note for any international work Glynn is able to speak reasonably good French & German.)


Much more than just a stand-up comedian, Glynn is renowned as one of the country's finest mime artists, with an array of hilarious routines (sometimes including volunteers from the audience) He also sings and plays guitar with skill and ease.