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A great believer that life only gives what you are prepared to take, Nic Feteris is a professional adventurer, who takes 'risks'. He believes that the motives and rewards associated with the risk taken jumping off a cliff, are the same as the motives and rewards associated with a business risk, as long as they are calculated and responsible.

He also believes in chasing dreams. One of Nic's greatest dreams and adventures to date was to climb and free-fall jump off the world's highest cliff-face, the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. In 1992, he and his partner, Glenn Singleman, did just that; BASE-jumping an amazing 13,800 feet to break the world record for Altitude BASE-jumping.

His story is about vision, commitment, teamwork and risk management. It is brought to life with spectacular footage of the successful jump. The documentary of this story, BaseClimb, has been sold to 80 countries and with an expected audience of over 100 million people.

Nic secured corporate sponsorship for the making of the film in the midst of the recession, drawing on his impressive background in sales and marketing in business and information technology, where he is regarded by many of his peers as nothing short of a legendary performer.

Nic talks about his ingredients for success, how he never accepts failure, the sharing of his dream and what he calls the three Ps: Planning, Preparation and Practice.

Managing Risk


In between adventures of the most impossible kind, such as free-falling from the top of New York's Statue of Liberty, Nic Feteris' more conventional line of business is to conceive and sell marketing concepts to corporations.

Since his BASE-jump from the world's highest cliff face into the Guinness Book of World Records, Nic's energy and inspired Australian doggedness have made him a much sought after and very original motivational speaker.


*Living By The Three P'S
Preparation, Planning and Practice are fundamental ingredients in any successful endeavour whether it be in business or sport.

*Responsible Risk Taking
Why people take risks, why it's OK to do it, and how to do it responsibly

*Vision and Teamwork
Why you need it - and why you must have the courage to share it with others

*Making it Happen
Life only gives you what you're prepared to take. Belief in yourself and the notion that you can make your dreams come true takes courage and commitment.

Charismatic but intensely practical, Nic's presentation is vividly brought to life with spectacular film footage of his death defying free-fall parachute jump from the world's highest cliff-face, the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan