Speakers Profile - Marty Coffey

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It is often said that the entertainment industry, particularly the Club side, is a closed shop. Marty Coffey has disproved this.

In 1981, Marty arrived in Australia to work at the Festival of Sydney and, after developing a romantic love affair with our country, determined to stay in Australia where he is now a permanent resident. With an act so integrally based around comedy, he became a regular performer at the Margaret Lane Comedy Store and also worked at all the contemporary comedy venues.

Twenty years later and he has played at every major comedy venue and been on every major comedy & variety television show in the country! Marty's act is a clever combination of spectacular juggling, fire eating and unicycle riding with large doses of comedy thrown in.

His routines include the apple, bowling ball and egg juggle where he eats the apple during the stunt; his dangerous objects juggle atop a 6' unicycle and his now famous chainsaw juggle.

Marty likes to juggle unusual objects, shocking his audience into laughter. He famously created a furore on the Midday Show, juggling a chainsaw with a live cat, in the process upsetting thousands of viewers - all in the name of comedy.