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Belinda certainly holds the key to building customer relationships that last and has an impeccable record for repeat business and referrals to show for it. For her, relationships don't stop after a sale, many of her customers becoming her friends. This level of commitment is evidenced by a stellar sales career that spanned over a decade, which saw Belinda setting new benchmarks in the prestige Automotive industry, including writing the first custom order in Australia for the Maybach Saloon valued at $1 million.

Her achievements have been celebrated in a string of accolades including being named 2005 Sydney Business Woman of the Year. In 2007, Belinda was invited to be an Executive Director of the Customer Service Institute of Australia, consulting and providing strategic direction to blue chip corporations and government organizations on customer retention and acquisition.

Belinda taps into the zeitgeist - the spirit of the time - that powers customers' attitudes, desires and trends.

Showcasing her latest venture; Belinda has continued to focus on 6 and 7-star service by purchasing the Australian franchise to the global luxury lifestyle concierge service, Quintessentially. Her approach continues to be inspired and entrepreneurial with an eagerness to embrace the unexpected, and a strong grasp of the requirements and aspirations of high-end markets. 'Time is today's most precious resource' she observes.

Quintessentially was established in London in 2000 as a private club offering its members access to the very best goods and services, and now operates in 44 cities around the globe. The company has earned its international reputation as 'the number one concierge service in the world.' These global connections along with Belinda's own "Q-factor" her loyal customer base and deep insights into how the customer relationship works are a winning combination in sustaining the tougher times.

Belinda's sessions highlight and explain the vital interdependence between sales and service - why you can't have one without the other and how to build rewarding long-term customer relationships. Her compelling examples apply to all industries and show how to act on ideas in ways that are sure to keep customers coming back for more.

Not surprisingly Belinda, who also has co-authored five books and serves on the boards of three charities, is in high demand as motivational speaker across the globe. Teaching organisations and sales teams how to discover and introduce the "Q-factor" into their customer service, as once you exceed expectations, the targets take care of themselves.

Discovering the "Q" Factor
Belinda focuses on ways to deliver exceptional customer service, as a means to developing longer lasting and profitable relationships with clients. The cue - yes, Q - invariably comes from the customer, she says. In a culture, where we tend to accept poor levels of customer service as the norm, Belinda will share with you her secrets and highlight customer experiences which has earnt her an international reputation for delivering and rewriting the rules on customer service excellence. The results can be exponential, when you know how to pick up on those cues and enhance or tailor your service to suit. Belinda?s principles of exceptional service that generates sales through existing customers and referrals can be used in all sizes and types of organisation and are easily learned.

The Secret Sales Essentials
Belinda knows the secret to selling successfully is in the relationship and not the transaction. The real value lies in the ongoing connection where trust and empathy have time to develop between the salesperson and the customer, along with a deeper understanding of individual customer preferences. Great results and sales performances come from focusing on the person, rather than the bottom line. This comes from a lady who managed to sell the first $1,000,000 Maybach saloon and remain 300% above sales target. Belinda explains how to nurture your own 'Q-Factor' and achieve these results, no matter what your organisation or industry.

Mastering Intrapreneurship
Whether it's within a business or running your own enterprise, fostering an intrapreneurial culture broadens scope and delivers results. Belinda understands how to spark innovation inside organisations by inspiring everyone in a business to think like an entrepreneur. Developing a business-within-a-business mentality towards her career, Belinda quickly learnt that decisions were being made for the long term not the short term; understanding that consistency in both her activities and customer relationships were the key ingredient to her success. Belinda harnessed her intrapreneurial spirit and concentrated on building a business, rather than a series of one-off sales. Having established her own business off the back of a globally successful organisation, Belinda details step-by-step how to fire up a team to identify and seize those opportunities.

"Belinda is an accomplished and engaging speaker on many topics, but her insights into the importance of exceptional customer service as a means to develop deeper, longer lasting and profitable relationships with clients are an inspiration. Her own stories on the success she built at Mercedes Benz, and the principles that can be adopted in businesses of all sizes, will inspire any organisation or individual looking for growth, success and profits."
- Think Global

I wanted to pass on my personal "thank you" for your session with our Bank SA Key Branch Managers. Your session covered many points that are certainly "common sense" but in reality not "common practice" & giving them a different viewpoint, validated by your personal success stories made for a great session overall.
- Bank SA

I would like to congratulate Belinda on being a spectacular speaker to work with, and a great person to get to know. We encountered some technical problems during her presentation, but she calmly carried on and worked her presentation to it's best advantage. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Belinda, and I truly look forward to having future opportunities to meet her again.
- Marcus Evans Asia

"How lovely to listen to someone so successful, who absolutely puts customers first! This is so rare in reality in this business environment where success is measured by profit rather than quality of service or advice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom."
- AMP Financial Planning

Your talk was extremely inspirational and motivational and you are someone I look up to and want to follow in the footsteps of. Everyone in the office hasn't stopped talking about you. Thank you.
- Ray White Real Estate

I got each of the sales team to make a list of their ideas/plans following your talk and collected them a week later, then photocopied and returned them. At the end of each month now they are going to be measured against the list of things they said they'd do. I'm hoping to get three "Belindas" out of it - but honestly even one would be a terrific asset to me. I was super impressed with your energy, presentation and preparation. You clearly deserve and earn every success.
- Houstons Mercedes-Benz

Belinda was a real inspiration. Sharing her experiences we were all able to take away some fantastic tips to improve our businesses, and her facilitation of our speed networking event kept it running smoothly and lots of fun. She was just great.
- French Australian Chamber of Commerce

I can understand why our General Manager was so inspired by your address at a conference in Sydney. I was likewise enthused to continue to put our customers 'at the centre of all we do'.
- TAFE Training Coordinator

We had record attendance at your session and the overall feedback from delegates very very positive. I believe that your participation in the conference helped us achieve this result. Your session was rated as either 'excellent' or 'good' in terms of both content and presentation by the majority of the audience.
- Australian Marketing Institute

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your thoughtful and truly inspirational presentation at the conference. Your talk made a HUGE impact on me and finally the penny dropped with a loud clanging thud. But more importantly, what I remember most is how your presentation made me feel. It has been said that down the track we may eventually forget what people may tell us but we always remember how they make us feel.
- Tourism Australia