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As an up myself, proud and extremely well groomed battler I have paved the way - with concrete on most occasions due to it's durability and cultural significance - for other unlikely legends like moi to put themselves on the Australian 'multicultural' map.
I was a former hairdresser by trade and for legal reasons gave up what was a worthy and lucrative business - parting with the cash nearly killed me. The consequence of that tragedy was fame. With bones like mine there was no avoiding it.

'Wogs out Of Work' on stage in the late 80's was the beginning of the love affair with my fans.

'Acropolis Now' on TV gave the public, free and consistent access to the freakishly stunning architecture that is Effie.
'Waiting for Effie' my one-woman stage show was an intimate, brave and absolutely classic offering.

With chords like mine singing was always an option. Norman Gunston called and we recorded 'Amigos Para Siempre' which went top 20 on the Aria charts. Due to the highs vocally I was able to achieve I find that dogs are still following me wherever I go.
My brain came good a couple of years back on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' allowing me to win 64,000 big bananas.

I also hosted my own show on TV - with my family called 'Greeks On The Roof'. The words skilled, stunning and articulate icon were thrown around.

I am also an author releasing 'Effie's Guide to Being Upyourself' a positive thinking toolbook. Some have called it a bible.
How good am I? Please. And modest. I haven't even mentioned the Logie I won. I am also a corporate staple. Hello? The face of a telco. Yes AAPT that was me.

Just quietly there hasn't been one multi-national, one bank, one anything that pays top dollar that hasn't thrown a stuffed brown paper bag my way for entertaining and inspiring them and their suits.

If it's legendary and lucrative I'm associated with it. Why bother looking any further.

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Corporate Comedy and Master of Ceremonies