Speakers Profile - Dean Clifford

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Dean was not expected to live past the age of 5.

When Dean was 10 he was told he would never walk again.

Dean was told he would never be able to get a job or fit into society

Dean has turned every negative into a positive to not only defy all the naysayer. But to thrive under extreme adversity to achieve more than anyone could have ever dared to dream.

Dean is very passionate about motivating others using his successful struggle for life to empower audiences. He challenges his audiences too dare to dream and believe in themselves, using his own life experience as the driving motivational factor.

Dean created his company DMC Motivational in 2004. Within 18months Dean had established himself as one of the most in demand Motivational Speakers the world has ever seen.

Dean has conversed with Prime Ministers, Sat side by side with some of the worlds most successful business people.

Dean mentors and inspires the next generation to aim high and achieve their own individual dreams.

"There is no limit to what Dean can and has achieved."

What is so amazing about Dean Clifford you may say? Simple Dean is a survivor! Dean was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa which is commonly referred to by the media as Cotton Wool Kids or E.B.

Dean's life is one of extreme pain and hardship, yet he has never wavered from his own dreams to be a productive member of the community.

Dean's story is powerful, moving and empowering, an audience is taken on the emotional roller coaster that is his life!

Dean sharing his story- is life changing and makes one look seriously at life and what we all take for granted. He has something unique and special to offer to everyone, from all walks of life and every age group, corporation, or business simply by sharing his amazing story!

Dean motivates, encourages and empowers all who come in contact with him, His Motivational presentations inspire everyone to follow their dreams and believe in themselves the way Dean has throughout his life. You most definitely come away inspired, realizing what the power of One can actually achieve. If you are looking for a unique speaker, someone who can have a memorable impact upon your audience, someone to stir emotions and touch the heart of everyone, someone thought provoking, humorous and passionate, then you are looking for Dean Clifford.