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Dr Clio Cresswell has established a diverse career as a mathematician, author, writer and presenter.

Clio is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Sydney.

Her celebrity was cemented with the publishing of her book Mathematics and Sex (published through Allen and Unwin); she features regularly on television, radio and press.

Born in England, she spent part of her childhood on a Greek island, and was then schooled in the south of France where she was studying Visual Art.

At eighteen she simultaneously discovered Australia and mathematics, and today is a proud Australia Day Ambassador.

Clio has interviewed personalities on The Panel; delivered serious book reviews for the Science Show on ABC's Radio National; has been a not-so-serious host on breakfast radio on Triple M; has given relationship advice on Beauty and The Beast; been a brain on The Einstein Factor; has made jokes on The Glasshouse; won the debate for The Greatest Australian on the ABC TV special of the same name (successfully speaking for Lord Howard Florey); and was even voted one of the 25 Most Beautiful People by Who Weekly in 2001.

Clio's outlook on life is entertaining and informative. Her continual research into unconventional topic areas and connecting themes between all subjects inspires audiences to think about what they do in a fresh, productive and exciting new way.