Speakers Profile - Duncan McKee

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Duncan James McKee is a renowned jazz musician, educator, television composer, and the creator of STIX a motivational speaker group. Duncan has a background in music and education with a BA from Middlesex University, London in Music (Jazz) and over a decade of teaching experience, with students such as jazz artist Jamie Callum.

Duncan's passion is in seeing people performing music together, regardless of their musical background and because music is an inborn and international language, everybody should experience the magic of collective music making.

STIX uses the metaphor of an orchestra to facilitate teambuilding and corporate motivation. What sets STIX–Motivation Through Music apart from other music–based workshops, is that it empowers participants to experience the magic of performing music in an ensemble environment. It enables participants to actively engage in the process of creating a self–directed team to produce a harmonious performance and to work in collaboration with other teams to meet the challenge. The performance culminates in the emergence of a recognisable symphony.

Intrinsic team values such as interaction, communication, conflict resolution, leadership and interdependence all emerge as they grow together and begin to understand how they function as a single entity. By creating an orchestra and performing together teams are required to focus on the performance as an ensemble and not as soloists.

Depending on the depth of effectiveness expected from the session, we offer interactive performances that range from motivational sessions to more intense teambuilding, creative thinking and problem solving workshops.

STIX–Motivation Through Music has been used by major MNCs throughout the Asia–Pacific region including FedEx, HP, Intel, SAP, Visa, HSBC and Sun Microsystems, to name but a few. Based on its recent successes regionally, STIX–Motivation Through Music is a valued partner/supplier of the Singapore Tourism Board's MICE network.