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With Nigel Collin

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The Creative Thinking workshops give participants the tools to think more laterally and creatively in everyday business.

The sessions are practical and hands-on giving participants an active experience of creative thinking. The main focus is on the use of creativity tools.

As with any skill, we learn by doing and so we spend a lot of time 'doing' so you can immediately apply the skills learned.

The workshops give participants an understanding of the creative process and the elements involved. But the goal is to not just give you an understanding of creativity, and more importantly how to apply it.

The Workshops are available in two formats. A half-day course running over 4 hours -and a full day course running over 8 hours. Of course there's plenty of time for a breaks and caffeine hits.

Both workshops are conducted in a casual and open environment where full participation and discussion is not just welcomed but essential. Creativity by its very nature is collaborative and so the session is designed to be relaxed and interactive.

Half-day 'Creative Thinking' Workshops cover:

-The creative environment (both physical and mental)
-Creative Objectives and the parameters needed to allow creative thinking to flourish.
-Assumption and Judgements, (and how to deal with them)
-We also look at the process of creative thinking and how that can be applied.
-Explore the 'Blue-sky' side of creative thinking.

We also get hands-on and get to work, on a group and individual basis. We will work with a number of practical creativity tools designed to force you into thinking differently and more creatively. Learn how to apply 'The Creative Process' and share initial ideas and then refine and rework them

Full-day 'Creative Thinking' Workshops, as with the half-day creative thinking workshops, explore the creative process and concepts and then drill down and look at how to apply creativity to your business and life.

The luxury of the full day workshops is that we get to spend more time working with creativity tools and learning how to apply them.

We also spend time looking at how to nurture a creative and collaborative culture.

Again the workshop is extremely hands on.