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Ward & Tutheridge came together in 2000 and immediately established a rapport that continues to wow audiences today. In the course of their careers, they have entertained literally tens of thousands of people throughout NZ and Australia with their unique brand of comedy and musical entertainment. They've been the MC's and first choice of entertainment for conferences, events, awards evenings, road-shows and major public festivals such as the Ohakune Snow Show (three years running) and the 2008 American Express Queenstown Winter Festival.

Sky City Auckland saw their potential early in their partnership, and for over 5 years they worked as the official MC's for this entertainment venue, creating shows, running promotions and enhancing the entertainment experience for casino guests as they performed their Ward & Tutheridge magic.
Outside of their main corporate audiences they have performed all over NZ and in Australia, from rural fundraisers to high-fashion events and everything in between.

Ward & Tutheridge are the perfect choice for your event, so contact them today to see how they can enhance your next event.

Our Acts:

The Undercover Show
Imagine an event where your dining experience is, shall we say 'less than optimal', where one waiter in particular just seems to 'not want to be there'. Add in a swift, confident and slightly highly strung Maitre'd and you have the recipe for an entertaining night. The Undercover Show is Ward & Tutheridge's most-booked act, wowing audiences all over the country. The pair work the room, always leaving guests guessing at their genuineness, yet once the reveal happens at the end of the main meal, it's a hilarious musical comedy show that has audiences in stitches.
Opera, comedy, audience interaction, improvised song - it's all there in this magical act. And as an add-on, Ward & Tutheridge have the flexibility to facilitate awards ceremonies that follow on from the evening's entertainment, providing the total package as they have successfully done for clients such as BP Oil, Jani-King, Natural Products NZ, RNZ Coastguard - to name a few, in combining the show and MC package.

Ward & Tutheridge High Society

Ward & Tutheridge present a fantastic new show 'High Society' A real mixture of comedy, music and laughter.

Moving away from their large-scale show formats, Greg & Brett join your guests from the end of the main meal with a 30 - 45 minute show including stand-up comedy, witty songs, audience participation and a whole bag of laughs. Included in the show is their specially written for the client song highlighting the client's organisation and putting the sponsors in the foreground.

From the moment they arrive on stage to the mass audience musical finale, Ward & Tutheridge's High Society' is simply, great entertainment.

Ward & Tutheridge Unplugged

Ward & Tutheridge unleash their new 'Unplugged' show, created not only for repeat clients, but also for the wider audience that they are swiftly generating. So if you've experienced Ward & Tutheridge before and want more, this is the new show for you.
The show combines Tutheridge's quick wit and comedic brilliance with the skill and charm of Ward's improv song abilities to offer up a 40-minute after-dinner show that offers something for everyone.
It's an audience interactive show, almost stand-up like performance, with set pieces, songs made up on the fly, complete with a baby grand and percussion, audience interviews and a real slice of the Ward & Tutheridge comedy pie.
The premise is a show that seems to come from the audience themselves - the reality is a skillfully crafted set of performance frameworks that mesh cleverly with your event and voila! Ward & Tutheridge Unplugged!

The Eastend Motivator

From barrow boy to business man, experience The Eastend Motivator as he shares his engaging message 'the power of the pencil' to the delight or disbelief of your delegates!
To top it all off, he has brought along his own personal fitness guru, Ricki Ventura, a post-modern Los Angeles jazzercise instructor with delusions of granduer.
Kick-start your conference with this hilarious 20-minute energiser: ideal for the beginning of the day, or half-way through the afternoon as the energy levels begin to sink.
Be prepared to be re-activated, stimulated and motivated with this hilarious hoax take of the international motivational speaking circuit with a twist!.

The Famous French Waiters

For over 10 years, The Famous French Waiters have entertained thousands of people all over NZ andAustralia. With lightning-fast comedy reflexes and an ever-attentive style, these two top-class entertainers cater to your every need!

The Famous French Waiters will join your guests with a dramatic entrance and from there on in its madness all round, with highly interactive audience participation and humour, including opera, balloon art and some very special moments... French style!
The perfect complement to your corporate event. Experience the hilarity that is...The Famous French Waiters.

Awards & Event MC's

Ward & Tutheridge excel at MC/Hosting awards and events. They will meet with you to collaborate the right approach for your event, and then exceed your expectations through their attention to detail. The main focus being on your specific outcome, and ensuring the event is a success. Whether your event be a small intimate affair, a nationwide roadshow, a product launch, or a large festival type of event, Ward & Tutheridge are the right combination your next event.
For three years running Ward & Tutheridge hosted and performed at the very popular Ohakune Snow Show to thousands of people.
In 2008, Ward & Tutheridge were chosen for their professionalism to host the many varied events over ten fun-filled days throughout the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival. Proving their ability to perform to a wide age range demographic, ensuring each event ran smoothly, and where thousands of people got to experience the magic of Ward & Tutheridge.
G.A.S. chose Ward & Tutheridge to launch their Diners Card Reward System nationwide, which resulted in a 100% success rate in the adoption of this new reward incentive.
Working closely with Tourism Queensland, Ward & Tutheridge embarked on a nationwide tour to showcase and highlight the many varied wonders of the Queensland state. They successfully achieved this through their characterization and performance built around the theme of Queensland Australia.

Custom Acts:

In their decade of combined performance, Ward & Tutheridge have created a wealth of characters, shows and performances for a wide range of clients. Experience the special 'something' that Ward & Tutheridge are masters of!.
Let us be part of your creative team. Whether it's a multi-day conference or single event, we have a huge skill-set and past catalogue of success to call on. It's all there ready for you.