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Andrew Bayly is an actor with an M.B.A. He is a facilitator, communicator, workshop designer and MC. He works regularly with senior leadership teams (including personal collaboration with public CEOs) designing projects that challenge and improve business behaviours and communication with a focus on achievable bottom line outcomes.

Andrew keeps up with the best and latest research in human behaviour, business strategy, leadership, engagement, influence and communication to ensure that he can contribute ideas and actions that can work in what are some of the most challenging grey areas for any organisation.

There are no perfect solutions: we have to try things and see what works. Andrew has been involved in many high level projects and has a very good grasp on what is likely to create real change in peoples thinking and behaviour.

Andrew contributes his understanding and skills in communication and behavioural change to:

- communicate strategy and build buy in

- facilitate difficult conversations (or easy ones) and allow the audience to make its own determination about where to go next - in alignment with the strategy

- merge the commercial with the personal: most companies overlook the benefits of revealing their leaders very personal decision-making styles, but those who follow the leaders want to know what makes them tick if they're going to truly sign on

- help give the audience tools to build alignment and engagement themselves - within their own teams - following the off-site (this is the #1 high value-adding available outcome that is given only token airspace at most meetings)

- build the mood in the team

- challenge the audience to identify which aspects of their own behaviour need to change in order to become more personally effective - at or outside work

- facilitate questions, answers, idea sharing and general discussion

Andrew works at the cutting edge of the Australian business communication industry, which includes projects with international reach. His major repeat clients are the cream of Australias corporate communications firms.

Andrew retains his interest in acting, has appeared in three feature films (including The Interview - AFI Best Film 1998), and was a regular member of the ensemble (supporting) cast of the 06-07 hit TV comedy, Thank God Youre Here. He has also won several awards in improvised theatre and has represented Australia in international competition.

Andrew makes complex commercial issues understandable, and knows how to create and lead conversations that generate actions and change. Andrew engages audiences.