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Steve van Aperen is fast becoming one of Australia's most in-demand and popular keynote speakers. Steve is as an expert in the field of behavioural interviewing, reading body language and detecting deception.

Steve has received extensive training from the world's leading international investigative authorities (LAPD, FBI, US Secret Service) in how and why people deceive. He has conducted behavioural interviews on 76 homicide and 2 serial killer investigations and has been consulted by various police departments, intelligence agencies and governments.

Steve who resides in Melbourne, Australia has emerged as a leading authority on analysing human behaviour and today devotes his knowledge to helping businesses thrive by increasing profits, improving human rapport and reading clients.

Business is all about relationships. From relationships between management and employees to those between company representatives and customers, a successful business is one in which individuals relate well with each other and their clients.

Steve's keynote takeaways are extremely valuable during meetings, interviews and negotiations when looking for conflict and contradiction between what a person is saying and what their body language is really stating. This is an incredibly insightful and entertaining program with more take-home knowledge than you have ever experienced in a keynote presentation. Whether you are after a one hour keynote or more extensive training package (one day, two day or three day courses are currently presented by Steve throughout the world) Steve can help.

As an expert on human behaviour, Steve van Aperen shows companies and government departments how to read and interpret micro expressions, distress signals and facial expressions.

Steve has trained numerous companies in how to read their customers and watch profits soar for the past 14 years. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences and seminars around the world attended by thousands of delegates. A person may be able to lie with words but their body language is much more overt.

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