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Domonique Bertolucci is the author of Your Best Life.

Widely recognised as an expert on how to achieve real success. Her coaching client list includes CEOs and award winning business owners, BRW Fast 100 entrepreneurs and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year' finalists; people who want to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals without burning out or losing sight of who they are and why they wanted it all in the first place!

Domonique's first career as a fashion model took her to London at 22. There she underwent a dramatic transformation - from model to corporate high-flyer.

After ten years in the corporate sector, where she earned a reputation for turning around dysfunctional and under-achieving teams, and managing high performers, Domonique decided to return to Australia and establish her company Success Strategies.

Domonique is a compelling speaker who gets audiences thinking about what it is they really want from life, and why they haven't been living that way up until now.

Domonique has appeared on both Sunrise (Ch7) and the Today Show (Ch9), and has appeared in a variety of both lifestyle and business media. She recently contributed to both Secrets of Great Success Coaches Exposed alongside international experts Dr John Demartini and Dr John Gray, and I Made a Promise a compilation of 50 Inspiring Australian Stories.

Domonique is an ambassador for Opportunity International, the micro-finance charity. She lives in Sydney with her husband and baby daughter, and in her spare time can be found at the cinema, practicing yoga and keeping up the great Italian tradition of feeding the people that you love.

Keynote Topics:

True Balance
Get off the burnout treadmill and get a life!

Creating genuine balance in your life is about so much more than just working fewer hours.

The biggest threat to long-term success for high-achievers is burn out – the result too many hours, multiple commitments, not enough support and even less rest!

In this inspiring presentation Domonique Bertolucci will show you how to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals, without burning out or losing sight of who you are and why you wanted it all in the first place.

You will learn how to:
· Maximise your time, energy, productivity & pro-activity
· Balance your personal and professional priorities
· Communicate more effectively with your colleagues
· Reduce stress and manage expectations
· Get off the burnout treadmill and get a life!

No Limits
Get more of what you want and less of what you don't!

So many people feel successful but not satisfied. They have a dream of how their life could be, if only... No Limits, is about creating a life that is filled with more of what you really want and less of what you don't; one that is filled with real success and happiness.

In this inspiring presentation Domonique Bertolucci will show you how getting what you want requires more than just a positive attitude.

You will:
· Discover the seven essential elements of Personal BrillianceTM
· Understand the ways in which you hold yourself back
· Find out if you are a high achiever or an over achiever
· Recognise if you are at risk of burnout
· Be encouraged to take the actions you need to create the life you want

Pure Ambition

Harness the power of your real ambitions and move into top gear -uncover the secrets to endless energy, motivation and staying power.

In her keynote, Pure Ambition, Domonique Bertolucci, strikes the perfect balance between inspiration and action.

Delegates will leave, not only knowing how to get clear on their goals, build motivation and staying power, and create a detailed plan of action, but also with deep belief that it really is achievable.

They will discover how to get what ever it is they want from life.
Key points covered:
• What do you really want from life? Understand and own your ambitions
• Do you know what really matters to you? Get clear on your values
• What gets in your way? Conquer your fears and overcome your limiting beliefs
• Are you a high achiever or an overachiever? Prevent burnout by making sure you know the difference
• Design your future? Create a plan of action for the life you want

Other Topics that Domonique had presented on include:

The Coach Approach
Coaching is the new leadership imperative. Understand what it means to incorporate a coaching style into your leadership approach and discover the secret to effortless motivation, engagement and enrolment of your employees.

Strategic Success
The most common path to success is pure hard work - examine the five steps to strategic, sustainable success and start working smarter, not harder.

Personal Brilliance
Being the best you can be, requires more than just a positive attitude – discover the seven essential elements to achieving continual excellence.

Your Best Life
Based on Domonique's best selling book. Understand the three simple steps to success and create the life and career you want. Know where you want to be, know what you need to do and do it!