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"Friday night is a rip-snorting, beer-in-hand, adrenalin-inducing-cause-the weekend's-coming-up sort of night and we're all looking forward to the challenge of sportingly seducing the viewers."

Peter has danced verbally through the world of sport as a commentator-presenter for over 20 years, most of that time with the ABC, both radio and television.

Peter played to a very high level (in his own mind) up until his early 20's when a succession of torn groins and hamstrings suggested the commentary booth might be a better option. He's called rugby league State of Origin Matches and Tests and a host of World Cup soccer qualifiers on radio, including Australia's draws in Teheran and Melbourne to Iran in 1997.

Peter's hosted two World Cup soccer finals on ABC-TV and the unsuccessful defence of the America's Cup in Perth in 1987, as well as golf tournaments and a variety of other sports.

He's reported and presented for ABC-TV news and current affairs and has made a recent return to the current affairs TV ranks compiling sports related pieces for the 7.30 Report, Lateline and Stateline.

Peter loves a round of golf ("except when I'm duck-hooking into the trees") a regular surfing pilgrimage with a few mates ("though it's a bit embarrassing getting a tow-in for three feet at Crescent Head") and belting out a few vocals in front of 'Stumbling Dog' (There's no mixing ambition with ability here!)

Peter's been an integral part of 'The Fat' for it's three year existence.