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Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD) is changing our relationship with technology. She combines cutting-edge research, and 10+ years of working with industry, government and media to solve today's most pressing digital lifestyle issues. While experts generally agree that technology is having a negative impact on us, Dr Jo, navigates our digital lives with a new message of hope. Technology can be a positive and empowering aspect of our life, if we know how.

Spending 15+ years analysing the digital behaviours of adults and children she has observed clear behavioural and contextual trends that facilitate focused, productive and empowering technology use. Her amazing insight and practical solutions resolve social media tensions, digital distraction, online addictive behaviours, digital childhood, and online privacy and safety issues and have led to Joanne being one of the world's most trusted digital wellbeing experts. She has developed terms such as 'sharenting' and 'zombie scrolling' which have now entered everyday lexicon. Her internationally acclaimed book Life Mode On released in 2021, unpacks why even highly competent people are struggling with the amount of time, effort and headspace they lose to technology and the strategies to feel more present, less stressed and back in control with our technology use.

Dr Jo is recognised nationally and internationally as an important voice in the presenting space. Sought after for her expertise, as well as her warm, fun and engaging capacity to connect with the audience. Her passion is electric and her ability to bring out the best in Q&As and panels has seen her become a well-known TV presenter on Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Today Show, The Project, 7:30 Report, the news, and regular radio and podcast segments. She is an Opinions columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and has published a long list of media articles and peer-revied scientific research.

With an impressive depth of knowledge Dr Jo works helps organisations and individuals to move forward from Covid, reduce digital tensions and distraction, and elevate engagement and performance. She provides actionable, evidenced-based strategies that help us to thrive in blended or working-from-home environments. Most recently, her work with the UK Cabinet led to the development of new federal government support regarding children's online learning during Covid.

Joanne believes we must be proactive rather than reactive in order to live well in our rapidly changing digital landscape. She believes that the more we understand our relationship with technology and the online environment, the easier it is to unpack our digital behaviours, where tensions are occurring and to resolve them for good. One way she has applied this thinking is through founding TechClever a Digital Literacy and Wellbeing Education that improve technology tensions that relate to young people's technology uses. This program was awarded for its quality and impact as part of the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

Dr Joanne Orlando is a leader many look to for providing answers on today's digital lifestyle so that our future with technology is one that complements our humanity and sense of purpose, with a core focus on driving positive change across work, learning and lifestyle.