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Julia Baird
Exclusively Represented by Claxton Speakers International

Julia Baird Presenter, The Drum, ABC, Columnist, SMH and INYT, Author of Victoria: The Queen

Julia Baird on Leading Deliberately

Would you like to know how to transform workplaces by changing the way we think about leadership, and each other? Often individuals mistake confidence for competence or assume extroverts are the best leaders.

So how do you Lead deliberately? Is it different to living deliberately? Gone is the compartmentalizing of work selves and real selves; we want to make our work count, and have an impact every day.

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Karen James
Karen James CEO On Purpose Hub, Author, Engineer, Mother

One of our favourite speakers Karen James has launched her new Podcast “Get on Purpose”

Season One is consists of 5 episodes available each Monday. Looking ahead, Season Two brings the concept to life as Karen talks with people who’ve transitioned to live on purpose, in life and in business.

We’ve heard it time and time again, this idea of purpose being at the heart of our lives, but have you stopped to look at what ‘living on purpose’ actually means for you?

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