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Assoc Prof Michael Biercuk
Quantum Physicist

Claxton Speakers welcomes Associate Professor Michael J. Biercuk, Quantum physicist and Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney. It is here that Prof Biercuk and his team are building the technology of the future atom by atom.

The future of research in quantum physics is promising to totally transform modern technology and the economy in ways we can barely imagine today, with new applications that sound more like science-fiction than science. Today Associate Prof Michael J. Biercuk and his team are studying how the strangest phenomena in quantum physics, concepts long thought to be nothing more than exotic mathematics, can be harnessed as resources powering a new generation of technologies. If you’d like to hear how the future of technology is about to radically change and how Australia is at the forefront of the Quantum Tech revolution, you need to hear what the real futuremaker Associate Professor Michael Biercuk has to say.

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Karen Stocks

Twitter Australia’s first Managing Director, responsible for local operations including its advertising business and operations. Having been in the local market for almost two years, Twitter Australia has experienced strong growth under Karen’s leadership. Australia is part of the fastest growing region in the world for Twitter, which has more than three-quarters of its users outside the United States.

Karen was the 2014 Patron for Go Girl, an initiative to encourage more young women to consider study business/IT or IT at a tertiary level, and to appreciate the opportunities a career in IT can bring. She was an Ambassador for the World Netball Cup in 2015 and now sits on the Board of Netball Australia.

Karen was recently named one of the Most Influential Women in Australian Media by B&T magazine.

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