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James O'Loghlin

James latest book; “Innovation is a state of mind”

A modern framework for practical innovation—from individual ideas to an innovative organisational culture

Everyone says that innovation is important. The problem is that no one tells you how to be innovative. Innovation is a State of Mind sets out a step-by-step guide to creating innovative ideas and putting them into action. You'll learn how to generate more ideas with greater potential, how to grow and evaluate them, test their effectiveness and then implement the ones that are going to improve your business.

“Innovation is a state of Mind”

In his keynote, ‘Innovation is a State of Mind’, James O’Loghlin identifies the 3 building blocks of innovation; in this dynamic follow up workshop, participants apply those principles to create and grow their own ideas to improve their business. The 1 hour to half-day workshop will get delegates identifying opportunities, solving problem and thinking on their feet as they are challenged to unleash their creativity and think up and grow new ideas to make their business better . The workshop will arm delegates with the tools to impart real change within their organisations for years to come.

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Assoc Prof Michael Biercuk
Quantum Physicist

Claxton Speakers welcomes Associate Professor Michael J. Biercuk, Quantum physicist and Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney. It is here that Prof Biercuk and his team are building the technology of the future atom by atom.

The future of research in quantum physics is promising to totally transform modern technology and the economy in ways we can barely imagine today, with new applications that sound more like science-fiction than science. Today Associate Prof Michael J. Biercuk and his team are studying how the strangest phenomena in quantum physics, concepts long thought to be nothing more than exotic mathematics, can be harnessed as resources powering a new generation of technologies. If you’d like to hear how the future of technology is about to radically change and how Australia is at the forefront of the Quantum Tech revolution, you need to hear what the real futuremaker Associate Professor Michael Biercuk has to say.

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Christine Anu

One of Australia’s most acclaimed Indigenous entertainers, Christine Anu has joined the 2016 line up at 702 ABC Sydney. Christine will share the Evening program with Dominic Knight, before taking up the reins on a full-time basis later in the year.

Anu will also be starring in HAIRSPRAY as Motormouth Maybelle, in the upcoming Harvest Rain Production premiering in Brisbane in March 2016.

Christine Anu is an exceptional keynote speaker who resonates with people and provides a real community focus while delivering key messages in all kinds of platforms from teamwork to leadership, entertainment and politics.

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Catherine McGregor AM
Exclusively Represented by Claxton Speakers International

In 2012, McGregor was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Military Division for "exceptional service to the Australian Army as the Director of the Land Warfare Studies Centre".

As of November 2013 she was the highest ranking transgender individual in the Army, and the speechwriter and strategic adviser for Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison AO.

McGregor transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) on 20 June 2014 to work on projects for the Chief of Air Force.

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