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Matt Church

Are you a motivational leader, do you bring it? Are we better because you are in our lives? Do you have the X factor? Email, Death by PowerPoint, and more boring meetings certainly won't help you achieve it.

Leaders today need to go ‘old school’—they need to get back to those original base actions of connecting, talking and inspiring the people around them. They need to get out from behind their strategy and bring leadership to life. They need to be able to make a difference personally. Their very role as leaders, the purpose of their existence, is to make a difference and the difference they make is one of amplification.

You nail this idea and you start to influence the people and projects around you exponentially. A lot of what we call leadership is management in disguise and vice versa. The shift from technician to manager to leader is the shift from knowing what to do, through to how to do it and ultimately why we should do it.

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Todd Sampson


Todd Sampson is the writer, host and human guinea pig of the award-winning Discovery Science Series called REDESIGN MY BRAIN. The premise of the series was simple. For over 70 years, science has told us that our brains are fixed. You are born with the brain you have, it develops rapidly until age 7 and then it starts a steady decline from age 30 until you die. There was nothing you could do about it. But science has now proven that to be false. In fact, modern science has now shown that our brain is plastic and that we ALL have the ability to improve it at any age and at any time. This presentation will show you how to boost your Brain Power.

Todd will not only take you behind the scenes of this extraordinary scientific journey, he will also provide you with the practical tools, strategies and techniques to improve your brain. We are all capable of more than we realise … and modern science is showing us how.

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Deborah Hutton
Exclusively represented by Claxton Speakers International

Deborah Hutton is a household name.

In keeping with her desire for continual reinvention Deborah's interest in the area of personal wellbeing has resulted in her new on-line platform 'Balance by Deborah Hutton'. Facing 50 and the shock of being diagnosed with a serious skin cancer, Deborah spent more than a year assessing and redefining herself and realised along the way, women not only needed support but also wanted to connect and talk. Balance by Deborah Hutton is an on-line community giving women access to coaches and experts in all aspects of life, from health and wellbeing to career and finance. Deborah interviews the experts to ensure 'BalanceBDH' provides practical advice towards living a happier and more successful life.

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Catherine McGregor AM
Exclusively Represented by Claxton Speakers International

In 2012, McGregor was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Military Division for "exceptional service to the Australian Army as the Director of the Land Warfare Studies Centre".

As of November 2013 she was the highest ranking transgender individual in the Army, and the speechwriter and strategic adviser for Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison AO.

McGregor transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) on 20 June 2014 to work on projects for the Chief of Air Force.

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